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  Mac OS 安装 Asp.Net
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Installing ASP.NET 5 On Mac OS X
By Steve Smith

ASP.NET 5 runs on the .NET Execution Environment (DNX), which is available on multiple platforms, including OS X. This article describes how to install DNX, and therefore ASP.NET 5, on OS X, using Homebrew.

In this article:
Install ASP.NET 5 on OS X
Install ASP.NET 5 on OS X
ASP.NET 5 requires DNX, which is installed and managed by the .NET Version Manager (DNVM). The DNVM is easily installed using a tool called Homebrew, which will also install the correct version of Mono for OS X.

Install Homebrew
The first step is to install Homebrew if it’s not already installed. This can be done from a Terminal prompt using this script:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

The installer will inform you of the steps it is taking and pause before proceeding. You can learn more about Homebrew here.

到这一步,可能会出现 brew 已经安装了。
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brew -v

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Install the .NET Version Manager (DNVM)
Once Homebrew is installed, install the DNVM by running brew tap aspnet/dnx from a Terminal window. If you need to update your version of DNVM, first run brew untap aspnet/dnx to delete the old commands, and then run the brew tap aspnet/dnx command again to get the updated scripts.
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If you had an older version of our Homebrew “tap” configured, you might get the following error: Could not create link for aspnet/dnx/kvm, as it conflicts with aspnet/k/kvm. In that case, simply run brew uninstall kvm to ensure any old versions of kvm are removed, then brew untap aspnet/k to remove the old tap. After that, the brew tap aspnet/dnx command should succeed.

Next, run the command brew install dnvm to install the .NET Version Manager. This will also automatically install the latest DNX package from the feed.

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chown root:wheel /usr/local/bin/brew

brew link mono

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完成安装。 一切正常了。

Next, run dnvm to verify that your terminal understands this command. If it does not, run the command source to link it, then try running dnvm again. You should see something like this:

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 #re:Mac OS 安装 Asp.Net  7/5/2018 3:56:17 AM  ss
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