There can be no Triumph without Loss,No Victory without Suffering,No Freedom without Sacrifice.
All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.
Get busy Living, or Get busy Dying?
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  Say thanks to the past 2006
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I really want to say thanks to the past 2006.
Thanks my colleagues give me a lots of help and supporting me.
Thanks my manager give me many opportunities.
Thanks my company give me the golden improvement award.
In the past 2006, although we faced so many huge difficulties which I have never touched in JobXxx project, we got the final win, we gave our customers qualified product passed rigid test. In the 2006 last day with my friends, summarized what I have got and lost, 2006 is very significative year. I got may useful things, not only in the technical field, but also I learnt how to be a good developer from my excellent colleagues.
Thanks 2006.
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