There can be no Triumph without Loss,No Victory without Suffering,No Freedom without Sacrifice.
All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.
Get busy Living, or Get busy Dying?
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Nikhil Kothari
Script# is a very useful JavaScript tool. Just write some C# code and click builds button, A JavaScript copy created. Maybe you need not know how to write a class or inherited class in JavaScript, with this tool code in C# as you want, then build to a JavaScript. How easy it is.
The Script# compiler is a C# compiler that generates JavaScript as its output instead of IL. A key goal of the compiler to produce readable JavaScript (as if you had authored it by hand), and would be comfortable deploying into real apps. Hence the translation works from C# source directly into JavaScript without an intermediate IL layer. The compiler can also produce equivalent, but much more compact script for use in release mode deployment. The compiler does not introduce any additional levels of abstraction, thereby allowing you full control of what your application does. In essense the best of script with the best of C#!

JavaScript Utilities
JavaScript Utilities help you build JavaScript project and just use some simple command line to output some compacted and confusion copy.
It consists primarily of two tools: a script minimizer, and a script assembler. The script minimizer condenses whitespace, and strips comments to allow you to reduce the size of your script files when deployed. The script assembler builds on top of the minimizer, and allows you to break out your large scripts into more manageable smaller files, and then re-combine them for the purposes of deployment.
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